Microsoft’s global franchise, Gears of War, enters into a new era with the release of Gears 5. Continuing their established collaboration with Microsoft, Axis Studios partnered with The Coalition to develop seamless realtime cinematics using Unreal, as well as building a range of in-game effects.

Axis Studios was set the task of creating cinematics that merge seamlessly into the Gears 5 experience.  For Xbox One X, The Coalition wanted to push the visual quality even higher for the cinematics and took an uncompromising approach by optimizing the game so that all modes run at 4K. 

The Coalition and Axis Studios quickly established a strong working partnership – this resulted in Axis taking a greater role in the game’s visual development, providing every aspect of cinematic creation in-engine, from animation through to final lighting, FX, implementation and optimisation, with some of the elements being used in the actual game play.