Directed by Jon Yeo and produced entirely by Axis Studios, Helping Hand is part of the animated Netflix anthology series, Love, Death, and Robots.

Created by Tim Miller (director of Deadpool) and David Fincher (exec-producer, House of Cards), Love, Death, and Robots is an 18-part series of animated shorts – the show taps into the creative talents of some of the world’s most prestigious animation studios.

The screenplay for Helping Hand is inspired by and adapted from Claudine Griggs’ sci-fi-thriller of the same name. The 8-minute short portrays a strong-willed, working protagonist – played by Ellie Condron – at the coal-face of a futuristic, corporate industry, as she’s stranded in orbit and forced to choose between life and limb to survive a disaster. With a ‘70s-esque aesthetic set in space, the out-of-orbit episode is grounded with an atmosphere designed to immerse the viewer in the unfolding story.

Axis was excited to be a part of a series that combines adventure, action, and sci-fi, with a strong narrative – key components of our most-loved works.