Midnight Hunt, directed by Jon Yeo, is our latest trailer for Magic the Gathering's gothic horror card set, Innistrad. The mood turns toward darkness in our latest project with Wizards of the Coast.  Follow Tim’s journey to the Heron Orphanage as he encounters the frightening headmaster Jerren, and the threat of the werewolves prowling the estate. Dangerously feral creatures with frightening power lurking beyond the walls of the orphanage. 

Translating the infamous plane of Innistrad into fully animated CG the team employed naturally muted cinematic lighting to keep with the gothic theme, all whilst adding a sense of realism to the character's performance. The gothic architecture of the orphanage building and overhanging feeling of foreboding of the orchard feed into the gloomy atmosphere of the piece. 

Reaching 18 million views on YouTube in the first two weeks since its debut, our latest narrative cinematic has been full of players expressing their excitement over the return to Innistrad.