After the massive success of Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion, Axis Studios is back with a new Magic: The Gathering trailer with long-term partner Wizardsof the Coast. The 10th cinematic, March of the Machine, was directed by Jon Yeo and Paul Coulthard in close development with Wizards of the Coast. 

Axis, as a full creative partner, was tasked with bringing a crucial story in Magic MTG lore to life, visualising the matriarch Elesh Norn's Phyrexian invasion of realms, the downfall of Karn at her hands, and the return of the reborn Elspeth.  Finding a balance between elegance and horror, visualising such an exciting set of characters within a relatively abstract and strange environment, required constant communication between many departments, directors and client.

One of the main challenges in the trailer was creating portals portraying a vast diversity of worlds within worlds. Part DMP, part full 3d, a balance was found that was visually stunning and technically achievable.