Directed by duo Tobias Trebeljahr and Carol Leander Ratajczak, Theros: Beyond Death is the latest release trailer for the Winter 2019 Magic the Gathering card expansion. The trailer brings back a beloved character, Elspeth, long thought dead. Set in the plane of Theros, where silhouettes of Greek architecture sit beneath a star-filled sky, the look and feel relies heavily on eerie simplicity.

Dualism is a really important aspect to the trailer. When Elspeth is above the water it’s light, dreamlike and atmospheric. She then encounters antagonist Ashiok, whose powers allow them to reach into the dreams and fears that dwell inside of others, bringing nightmares to life. Elspeth is dragged under water by Ashiok’s creations, where claustrophobia and terror take over as she appears to be drowning.