Directed by Stu Aitken, Zendikar Rising is the latest trailer for Magic The Gathering’s 85th card expansion, and the fifth in our award-winning series for Wizards of the Coast. 

After discovering an ancient orb in the majestic but treacherous land of Zendikar, Nahiri, Akiri and Zareth’s lives change forever. Fleeing through the shattered pieces of an ancient Skyclave, they learn the true meaning of danger, adventure, and most importantly - betrayal. 

The Axis team employed fully animated CG, translating the fantastical plane of Zendikar from the legendary cards into this thrilling cinematic tale. Conveying the true peril and adventure of the landscape of Zendikar, our friends at Wizards of the Coast trusted us to deliver complex art-directed FX, including explosions, smoke, fire, magic and ash.