Axis Studios collaborated with Nuverse and Second Dinner to create the announcement trailer for MARVEL SNAP, a new mobile card game.  The trailer, directed by Dana Dorian and Paul Coulthard, introduces an eclectic group of Marvel characters in an epic battle that could only be seen in MARVEL SNAP. 

Join VENOM, AMERICA CHAVEZ, and IRONHEART, as they work together to defeat a squad of DOOM BOTS. As the dust settles a larger foe approaches, a much larger foe, BABY GALACTUS. Using her star portal ability America summons more Marvel characters to strengthen their numbers against the mammoth toddler.

The goal of the trailer is to create an animated version of the card game and reveal some of the countless characters that appear in the game. The team created a unique visual style with a fresh twist on the comic book look. Flattened backgrounds, high contrast, bold colors, and strong outlines around the characters are key components of the look.  In keeping with the comic book theme the majority of the effects were created in 2d and the 3d effects were made to look 2d resulting in a unique hybrid of 3d and 2d.

The distinctive music track was created by Moore Kismet, an up and coming young musician who has a fresh style that we feel is a good match for the playful tone of MARVEL SNAP.  A lot of care went into amplifying the ups and downs of the trailer from the heavy-hitting opening sequence to the “all is lost moment” when Galactus appears, leading to a climactic barrage of sound when the cards fly into the camera ending with a snap.