After the success of the 11th season, VFX supervisor Howard Jones returned with Axis Studios overseeing the filming and VFX shots across series 12 of Baby Cow’s Red Dwarf.

Red Dwarf follows the adventures of four characters stranded three million years from Earth. The main cast are Lister (Craig Charles) the last remaining human, Rimmer (Chris Barrie) a living hologram, Cat (Danny John Jules) a humanoid evolved from the ship's cat, and Kryten (Robert Llewelyn), a robot servant.

With series 12, it's now 29 years since the first episode aired in February 1988.

Axis Studios worked through onset supervision on all pre-recordings to the final stages of delivery. The team worked on VFX planning and compositing of the classic model shots of Starbug and Red Dwarf. The studio also created a broad range of visual effects across the whole series.