SAS: Red Notice is an action thriller film based on the best selling novel by former SAS operator Andy McNab.  The film follows a suspended special forces operator who becomes embroiled in a hijacking aboard the Eurostar.  Boasting an all star cast including Sam Heughan, Ruby Rose, Andy Serkis, Tom Wilkinson, Noel Clarke, and Umbrella Academy actor Tom Hopper, SAS: Red Notice has been described as a provocative and authentic portrayal of an emergency response operation.  

Axis were brought on to the project by Laurence Malkinon, the film’s writer and producer, to craft the pivotal final sequence. Led by VFX Supervisor Howard Jones, The Axis’ team work included Houdini based CG fire and explosives, CG props, set extensions, compositing and enhancements on the explosive final sequence. Despite the heavy CG and FX work required, the intention remained for the effects sequence to seamlessly build and enhance on the existing SFX.