Axis was commissioned by Riot Games to create the new animated series to open a door to the League of Legends IP.  Each short animated film gives an insight into the various regions of the League of Legends' fictional world, ‘Runeterra.’ 

Diversity has always been at the heart of Axis’ work for years, so we jumped at the chance to explore a new style of storytelling for the LoL champions, expanding Runeterra and the lore that we know and love.  With a focus on performance, the team used keyframe animation to sell the emotion and understand the ideals of each region as they vie for your allegiance.

Professor Heimerdinger is about to announce his new invention powered by hextech to Piltover but the device is stolen. . . Follow the hextech gem as it travels through Piltover and Zaun, the now separate, yet symbiotic societies showcasing its potential to both help and harm.