The Leith Agency and Famous Grouse returned to Axis Studiosthe award-winning animation, and VFX studio, to produce the latest Famous Grouse television commercial, part of a new global campaign to promote the Famous Grouse Smoky Black. It was directed by Local Hero and produced by Calum Hart.

The commercial shows the intrepid Red Grouse enjoying a midnight hike through the iconic Scottish Highlands. The clouds part to reveal a full moon, transforming our hero into the darker, smokier Black Grouse.

Axis Studios worked closely with Local Hero to bring their directorial vision to life. The 20-second TVC, is set in ‘Grouse Country’, generated entirely in CG by Axis. The transformation presented an FX-heavy challenge, working with a dynamic feather and fur system, swirling fog and morphing geometry. The performance was likewise critical; our Grouse had to undergo a playfully scary change without losing his cute charm.