At Axis Studios, our commitment lies in bridging the gap between industry and education. We aspire to discover, inspire, and foster both current and future talent. Axis Studios develops and continues to build relationships with local schools, colleges, and universities and raises awareness of the options available within the animation industry. Some of our successful education programs, including mentorships, have brought opportunities for entry-level roles. 

The animation industry is an ever-popular career choice with the development of animation and the advancement of CG and technology in the entertainment industry. Although this makes the field very competitive, it also provides the opportunity for those with raw talent, real passion, drive and enthusiasm to shine. Dedication and hard work are essential as jobs in the field are incredibly limited and very competitive. 

Anyone wanting to succeed will need to do plenty of research and be committed to developing their skill set. Go to events, festivals and exhibitions, make contacts within the industry, enter competitions, and keep your portfolio and showreel fresh whilst keeping in with the relevant trade shows.

It is not essential to have completed a course at university, art school or college, as some dedicated artists are self-taught. However, it can be immensely helpful and desirable to both students and employers that can teach far more than just the course work. There are several courses available covering most aspects of animation in the UK. Animation courses can be found at

Our Education Outreach Booklet, is a digital document (comprising of an introduction to the industry, the different roles available, how to apply, portfolio tips and Mentoring) available for anyone interested in learning more about the studio and the Animation/VFX industry. If you are curious to learn more about the Animation & VFX industry and need guidance on your career path it's a worthwhile tool.

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