A self-confessed “film nerd”, producer Alvaro Montenegro discovered his love for animation and VFX through visiting cinemas throughout his childhood, where he found himself wishing to be behind the camera instead of in the cinema seat. This dream was realised when he began his career in advertising. Excelling across various VFX companies all over the world, Alvaro gained experience working with international clients and honed his personal style of producing, which supports clients and team members equally.

After many years of television commercial production, working with award-winning studios such as Shanghai’s MPC, Alvaro made the decision to join Axis as a producer for the Realtime team. In a growing department of the studio, Alvaro’s contributions are vital, as he takes care of the team and looks after all our clients. He has been an integral part of problem-solving discussions and decision making as a Producer for over two years now, working on exciting projects yet to be released!

Department: Production