With a life-long passion and career in animation, Carlos Stevens is an award-winning, freelance Director that works with Axis Studios. Starting life in the artistic community of Santa Fe, Carlos’ creative spark was ignited early on by repeated watching of Saturday morning cartoons and VHS tapes of animated specials, but it was Peter Jackson’s The Lord of The Rings that inspired the decision to take up film school at The Art Institute of Portland, Oregon. Carlos’ final film-thesis, Toumai, was a chosen finalist at the Student Academy Awards. This achievement kickstarted Carlos’ career, leading to a position at Superfad, working on a variety of Cannes Gold Lion award-winning commercial campaigns—notably for Sprint and Sony. Carlos subsequently went on to take directive positions at several studios—releasing his second animated short, The Alchemist’s Letter—before joining forces with Axis Studios to produce the global release trailer for Amazon’s Lumberyard game engine. From across the pond in LA, Carlos has found the perfect work-life balance with Axis, visiting the team in Glasgow at least once for every project—Carlos is a big fan of football, joining in with a game every time he’s over. The amazing chemistry of the team at Axis has bridged the North Atlantic, providing a home-from-home for Carlos to direct stand-out animation. 

Department: Directors