VFX Supervisor

Javier's journey to Axis traces back to Sunday cinema trips with his father as a child, where classics like Tron and Jurassic Park sparked his fascination with Special FX and CG. Surrounded by Spain's early 3D animation and postproduction scene through his father's studio, Javier's passion for CG flourished, ultimately paving his way into the industry. 

A seasoned CG artist since 1999, his creative journey has taken him across the world, from Madrid, San Francisco, and London to Shanghai and Bangkok. Throughout his career, Javier has overseen the production of commercials and cinematics for industry giants such as Lego and Warhammer. Since joining Axis, Javier has contributed to many notable projects, including Diablo II: Resurrected and Diablo Immortal. In his current role as VFX supervisor for Axis’ animation division, Javier collaborates with producers and directors alike, bringing to fruition the distinctive vision of each project we undertake.

Department: VFX Supervisors