Welcome to Palia.

Led by directors Joe Ksander and Kevin Adams, Axis joined forces with Singularity 6 to create the cinematic game trailer for Palia, a cosy sim MMO with community at its heart. As a sandbox-style sim with an expansive world to explore, Axis’ role was to invite players into this free-to-roam world in an exciting way.

The enchanting trailer is a pivotal part of Palia’s launch, introducing key characters such as Jina, Einar, and Auni to audiences in video form for the first time. Axis also took on the challenge of establishing the game's atmosphere; cosy and comforting with an air of adventure and potential. 

To achieve this, the team developed a visual language that would express Palia’s mood: heavily stylised, with rich, watercolour-like environments and rounded edges. Throughout the process, Axis created a total of seven separate CG environments and twenty-one CG characters.