Check out the reveal trailer for Bungie and Activision’s Destiny: Rise of Iron – Axis Studios produced the cinematic sequences for the trailer based on initial previz.

Axis created additional concept artwork and previz to develop the initial ideas, transforming them into final blocking, cinematography, motion capture, and animation. The studio also added lighting, VFX, rendering, and compositing, revealing the title just prior to the E3 2016 expo in Los Angeles, CA. Lead ad agency, Ant Farm, edited the CG cinematic to an original score, pairing it with in-game shots.

The scenes in the trailer produced by Axis Studios feature Lord Saladin – a legendary yet mysterious figure – known to players as the acting host of the Iron Banner multiplayer events. Saladin is seen accompanied by wolves traveling across the snowy wastes outside the Cosmodrome. It’s here that they encounter a breach in an old wall, revealing an enemy long vanquished and once forgotten – the enemy is now reborn and stronger than ever.