Axis Studios, in collaboration with Supercell, created the new Card Evolution trailer for Clash Royale, the popular mobile game with millions of daily players.

The epic two-minute trailer introduces the new Supercard feature with a whole host of recognisable characters and an absolute belter of a track! Led by Director Olly Reid, the team created this action-packed full-CG cinematic. It's a colourful, fun and odds-defying piece. It shows the Barbarian responding to his team's plight to become the first supercharged character.

As the trailer screams along at a breakneck pace, the Axis’ team carried through the feel and pace of a rock music video using the legendary track ‘Rize of the Fenix’ to rouse the troops. Once the music kicks in, the team created a complex lighting set-up where they could take the scenes to a whole new level, blending a true rock music video aesthetic together with the classic Clash Royale style.