Directed by Stu Aitken, this is the official trailer for Magic the Gathering: War of the Spark, the finale of an epic five-year storyline. Produced for Wizards of the Coast, the team at Axis Studios focused on the conclusory arc of the story, featuring one of the most central and popular characters, by illuminating her specific story within the greater narrative.

Magic the Gathering: War of the Spark is the self-described, most ambitious card set from the series to date – featuring 36 Planeswalker cards and a cinematic story experience unlike anything Magic fans have seen before.

The team utilised high-end, fully animated CG throughout the trailer, a big leap forward for the Magic the Gathering franchise. The style and character design were kept faithful to the brand’s famous game-card illustrations, all whilst adding a sense of realism that underpins the protagonist’s dramatic choice between good and evil.