Our Editorial department places pieces of a story together like a puzzle, working with storyboarders and directors to make sure our visual storytelling is polished and perfect. Working on a variety of projects at one time across video games, TV and film, no two days are the same, from analysing scripts and concept art to influencing cinematography.

Part of an innovative and imaginative team, you have niche ways of coming up with inventive solutions, carefully balancing creativity and control. Working in a small but expanding department, you tackle challenges together, supporting and learning from each other, and utilizing multi-faceted skillsets. 

With the opportunity to mentor other members of the department, or engage in internal training, you’re constantly leveling up and adapting to changing creative demands, improving knowledge and skills on the job. 

You see the bigger picture. You manage the timeline. You take all the little pieces and make sense of them. Help bring order to our world.

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