Our Lighting department are the shadow makers, crafting the ambience of every scene, from the dark corners of a far away castle, to the sunset grazing the peak of a mountain. Clever, experimental and expressive, you add the flourishes to animation that make it stunning. 

Focussing on texture, shading and depth of feel, you work with colour scripts from Art directors, influencing the mood and tone of a project, working with constant feedback to tweak and polish a scene. Collaborating in a team that respects and utilizes each other’s talents and skills, you’re always learning new tricks in a supportive environment.

Rewarding hard working team members, our Lighting department offers training on the job, internal masterclasses and invaluable experience from a range of projects in different styles and genres.

You are the light in the dark. You illuminate imagined worlds.

You create the atmosphere, and you set the mood.

Join Axis and shine for us.

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